Our portfolio of exceptional assets is diversified by commodity, market and geography enabling our continued growth.

Locations / Mines

With over 50 years of mining experience, PTI has established 16 mine leases in the Southern as well as in Northern parts of Goa, covering a total area of 1114.82 Ha. Today, PTI has 4 fully operational mines:


  • Bondra Advona Iron Ore Mine, Codli
  • Advona Toleamati -E- Galiguro Iron Ore Mine, Shigao
  • Sailetembo Iron Ore Mine, Suctoli
  • Mauco Catodichi Moli Iron Ore Mine, Pale
  • Borga Do Buirroqueri
  • Borga Dongrachem Fall

Apart from these, PTI also has loading jetties at Capxem and Rumud.